Vertical automatic test sterilizer

                                                    pro description:




                                                    1. The equipment adopts side spray sterilization, which reduces energy consumption to a large extent;

                                                    2. The equipment is high temperature and high pressure sterilization pot, sterilization temperature can be up to 137.5℃;

                                                    3. The whole machine is equipped with PLC touch control panel and fully automatic sterilization program;

                                                    4. The heating method of the equipment is electric heating to solve the problem that there is no boiler steam source;

                                                    5. Free air compressor and other accessories, which can be used after receiving water and electricity;

                                                    6. The equipment covers a small area and is easy to move. The effective volume is 20L, which meets the requirements of the experiment.

                                                    7. There is no restriction on sterilizing packaging, such as naked killing, canned, vacuum, bagged, etc

                                                    8. Automatic control of water inlet and outlet and cooling;

                                                    9. The connection state of the whole machine valve is clear;

                                                    10. Real-time display of equipment temperature and pressure;

                                                    11. Multistage sterilization is allowed;

                                                    12. Can store more than 200 sterilization procedures, easy to adjust.

                                                    13. Sterilizing materials: corn crops/chestnuts/bamboo shoots/dried fish/chicken, duck, beef and mutton/bird's nest/poultry and eggs/seafood/soybean products/milk beverage juice/sauce chafing dish/pasta, etc

                                                    Device parameter list



                                                    inner diameter mm300
                                                    Length mm300
                                                    Total (height X width X depth)mm1200X500X620
                                                    effective volume(L)20L
                                                    operating temperature30℃—137.5℃
                                                    working pressure0.25Mpa
                                                    Sterilizing heat sourceElectric heating of stainless steel

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